BASys 2003 screenshotsBASys 2003 is a novel approach towards planning and configuration of installation bus systems. BASys 2003 is designed to support multiple different installation bus systems. Currently, support for KNX/EIB is implemented.

BASys 2003 is written in Java. To access the KNX network, KNXnet/IP Tunnelling is used. Further key features are:

  • Platform independent planning and commissioning
  • Automation system agnostic architecture
  • Integrated approach, includes passive components
  • Assisted selection of actuators/sensors according to passive components
  • Open, extensible XML based data format

The development status of BASys 2003 is "alpha". It works, but should be considered a prototype. Also note that it comes with NO WARRANTY whatsoever. BASys 2003 is available under a BSD license. It is available for download from SourceForge .

More information

BASys 2003 presentation (English) given at the Konnex Scientific Conference 2003, Kassel.

BASys 2003 presentation (German)

Entwicklung eines Softwaresystems zur Planung und Inbetriebnahme von Gebäudeautomationssystemen -
Oliver Alt's master thesis, describes the first BASys 2003 version (in German).

The BASys 2003 project homepage

The BASys 2003 project on SourceForge

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