Since 1997, the Distributed Automation Systems Lab (A-Lab) is home to research in industrial automation as well as home and building automation. Research topics focus on distributed control systems and fieldbus technology (have a look at the list of publications that have been made by lab members). The lab is headed by Prof. Wolfgang Kastner.

Industrial Ethernet demonstrator plantThe lab equipment is used for proof-of-concept implementations and interoperability tests when putting research ideas into practice. It also serves educational purposes. Interested companies are welcome to use our systems for interoperability tests. Lab equipment focuses on open fieldbus standards, in particular BACnet, KNX (EIB), LON, PROFIBUS, PROFInet, and ASi. However, other popular systems such as ZigBee and EnOcean are present as well. These systems are integrated with demonstrator plants for both industrial automation and home/building automation.

Its broad R&D scope notwithstanding, the A-Lab has a strong tradition of competence in KNX (EIB) technology. It is home to a number of popular open source software packages related to KNX.

Building system technology demonstrator plantPhysically, the lab is located in Treitlstrasse 1-3, 1040 Vienna. If you are interested in the topics we are working on, please contact one of the team members. If you are a student, you may be interested in one of the lab-related courses: Distributed Automation Systems , Home and Building Automation , and Wireless Communication Systems in Home and Building Automation. Also have a look at our student projects page. We will be glad to provide you with further information. We are also always interested in cooperation with partners from industry and universities.


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