TPUART board

TPUART board

The Siemens TP-UART-IC (I call it TPUART, for short) can be used to build a versatile interface for connecting a PC to a KNX TP1 (EIB TP) network. Its datasheet is available at the Siemens Website (Technical documentation / Transceivers / TPUART).

At the institute, we use an interface board with the following schematic (built and assembled by institute members): TPUART board


This board was used to develop the TPUART driver (deprecated) and the TPUART user mode backend of eibd.

As some people have asked how to get a TPUART interface board:

  • Build the board shown above yourself: This zip file contains the schematic, the PCB layout (in PDF and EAGLE format), and the parts list. We order our boards from prototype/small series PCB manufacturing services such as PCB-Pool ( TPUART ICs are available from Opternus Components (
  • For those who want pre-assembled boards: Fritz Praus (currently technician at the institute) is selling complete boards as shown above. If you are interested, please contact him directly:
  • Since recently, Siemens also offers an interface board for sale: Siemens BTM PCB. To connect it to a PC, a level converter is required. It worked with eibd when I tested it with the Siemens 5WG1 146-2AB11 application module.
Please note that all information about getting a TPUART interface board are just examples. There may be cheaper/simpler alternatives.