Secure and Semantic Web of Automation


Support: FFG - 1. Auschreibung IKT der Zukunft (840206)
Project management: Wolfgang Kastner
Project team: Andreas Fernbach
Start: 2014-01-01
Finished: 2015-12-31



Secure and Semantic Web of Automation (SeWoA) addresses interoperability issues that arise due to the plethora of commonly used home and building automation systems by realizing the idea of universally interconnected things through the use of Semantic Web technologies. Heart of the project is the design of a semantic integration layer and the definition of a suitable ontology. Resting above, secure communication services and a semantic querying interface form the basis for domain-wide and cross-domain applications in the context of energy management systems and smart grids. The concept of the architecture is to be validated by a reference implementation. Results of the project are delivered to standardization bodies.

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