Building-Based Load Forecasts for Demand Side Management (BL4DSM)


Support: FFG Energieforschungsprogramm
Project management: Wolfgang Kastner
Project team: A. Susanne Metzger
Start: 2015-04-01
Finished: 2016-06-30



The goal of this study is to improve the decisions of Demand Side Management in smart grids by finding out whether and which monitoring parameters from buildings should be made available for this purpose. A measurement protocol will be developed from extensive physical building modelling, and will serve as basis for quantification of effects on load shifting decisions in smart grid operations. The objective of this pre-study is to clarify whether a grid-friendly building which volunteers information about its thermal properties already at building construction respectively after an energy renovation is of value to a flexibility operator in a smart grid. This will enable to determine on the building side which configurations in building automation systems would be available for this purpose.

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