KNXLive! is not maintained anymore; the ISO CD image is no longer available for download.

Most of the software that was part of KNXLive! is still available here.


KNXLive! was a Live Linux based on Knoppix 5.0.1, introduced in 2005 and developed until the end of 2007. No further software configuration or installation was necessary to use the software to connect to an EIB/KNX installation. The KNXLive! CD contained

Outdated information

[ The current KNXLive! version is 0.3 (2007-11-13). ]

KNXLive! is based on Knoppix 5.0.1 (a number of software packages were removed to reduce the image size). True to the Live Linux spirit, there is no further software configuration or installation necessary to use the software on this CD to connect to an EIB/KNX installation.

The KNXLive! CD contains, pre-installed and ready to run:

The KNXLive concept, Tweety, Calimero and eibd as well as the BCU SDK are introduced in two presentations which were given at the 2005 KNX Scientific Conference.

All this software was developed at the Automation Systems Group at the Institute of Automation, TU Wien. It comes with the complete source code; most of it is under the GNU General Public License.

Some of the updates in KNXLive! 0.3:


KNXLive 0.3 (07-11-13) (ISO CD image, 687 MB)

To start...


Known bugs

The EIBnet/IP (KNXnet/IP) Server Setup Wizard

With KNXLive!, you do not need to install software on your system to connect to a KNX/EIB installation. True to this spirit, we wanted to make the startup as easy as possible, too!

The KNXnet/IP (EIBnet/IP) protocol allows to access a KNX/EIB installation via an IP network. ETS (since version 3.0, patch C), Calimero, and BASys 2003 are examples of applications that can use this protocol. KNXnet/IP server and client application can also run on the same PC.

Turn your PC into a KNXnet/IP server

A KNXnet/IP server can be a piece of hardware, for example the Siemens N146 IP Router or the N148/21 IP Interface. However, KNXLive! can also turn your PC into a KNXnet/IP server by following a simple on-screen dialogue. All you need is a serial (RS-232) or USB interface. Both BCU 1 and BCU 2 are supported.

Click the desktop icon "EIBnet/IP (KNXnet/IP) Server Setup Wizard" to start. Based on your selection, the setup wizard will automatically load the required drivers and start the appropriate server. If you have a BCU 1 with serial (RS-232) data interface (e.g., Siemens UP 110 + UP 146 or Siemens N148; BJE 6123, 6133, 6186/20), you will have the choice between two drivers and two servers. Choose the combination that works best for you, and please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which one this is!

Resetting the address table length

The wizard has to modify the address table length of the interface BCU to work properly (the ETS does the same). It is suggested that you shut down the KNXnet/IP server (via the KNXLive! menu) before halting the system or before executing the wizard again to try another connection so that the previous value is safely restored. However, both of these cases should usually be handled automatically.

In case the previous address table length is not automatically restored to the BCU, use the "Address table length changer" from the KNXLive! menu to repair it. You do not need to care about the address table length of a BCU at all if you are using it BCU as a PC interface only.


Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions!

Martin Kögler, Georg Neugschwandtner, Wolfgang Kastner, Bernhard Erb
Institute of Automation, Automation Systems Group, TU Wien
Treitlstraße 3/E183-1, 1040 Wien, Austria